Do You Need A 24 Hour Emergency Restoration Company?

When you have experienced a flood or water damage emergency in Idaho, you will want to get this addressed as soon as possible. Don’t wait and call our local team right away. These types of emergencies can happen at any time of the day, which is why you will find we have trained local experts available around the clock.

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Fast Local Response Times!

In many cases the water damage or flooding needs to be addressed by a professionally trained restoration company to remove the water, start the dry out process, clean your items and home and begin the repair process. The faster you call us, the faster we can get started and moving quick is the key to minimizing any additional damage to your home. We can usually be at your home within 60 minutes from the time you call our team. You can expect a fast response time from our local professionals in each city of Idaho we service.

How Water Damage Effects Your Home – Time Frame

The First Few Minutes of Water Exposure

  • Emergency Water Restoration - First Few MinutesMoving water spreads rapidly throughout your home, saturation everything it comes in contact with
  • Your flooring, walls, furniture etc. begin to absorb the water
  • Carpet and floor staining from furniture, drapes, and other color items bleeding
  • Discoloration and permanent damage to household items and furniture
  • Permanent damage to photographs, books and documents

Within The First Day (24 Hours) Water Exposure

  • Your Drywall/Sheetrock will begin to swell, bubble and breakdown
  • Furniture begins to swell, separate, peel and crack
  • Development of a bacterial odor will form
  • Metal surfaces will tarnish and be damaged
  • Flooring can swell and crack
  • Paint can start to bubble

Within The First Few Days of Water Exposure

  • Floor and Wall Damage After 24 hours Water ExposureGrowth of microbial organisms including mold and mildew
  • Drywall/Sheetrock begins to break down and disintegrate
  • Metal surfaces begin to tarnish and rust
  • Swelling, warping, and splitting of window frames, door frames, doors and studs
  • Electronic components begin to malfunction
  • Appliances start to malfunction
  • Development of a harsh and unsafe environment especially for those with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems

After One Week of Water Exposure

  • Continual mold and mildew growth throughout the home and a larger chance of spreading
  • Restoration and repair costs and time dramatically increase after one week
  • Development of serious occupant health hazards

Our Restoration Timeline

  1. Immediately, or within minutes of your call, an Action 1 Restoration team member will contact you to arrange for service. You can be certain help is on the way and you will not have to face this alone.
  2. Within the hour, (outlying areas may vary) an A1R team member will be on site to start mitigation services.The key to reducing damage and saving money is responding quickly to you damage.
  3. Within 8 business hours of on-site arrival, a verbal briefing of the restoration plan will be expressed and communicated to you and your adjuster and/or property manager.

Our localized teams respond and act fast to help minimize additional damage to your home or your property. As you can see from the water damage timeline, it is better to act faster rather than later as it helps minimize additional damage to your home and belongings. Call us today at (877) 246-8788 for immediate and fast acting services.