Do You Need Emergency Restoration Service For Sewage, Flood or Water Damage In Nampa, ID?

When water flows into a home or building, it can cause a stunning amount of damage very fast to your Nampa, ID home. Even minor leaks, like those from an appliance hose or a small broken pipe, can lead to rot and mold growth over time. The water damage restoration services provided by Action 1 Restoration of Nampa can ensure that a leak or flood is contained quickly and efficiently and that damage is repaired quickly and professionally.


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Property Restoration For Commercial And Residential:

The Action 1 Restoration company in Nampa is available for both commercial and residential disaster cleanups. One call starts the process with our local team in Nampa. Below are are some of the reasons to choose A1R of Nampa.

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Water Damage Repair & Restoration

While flooding is an obvious issue which can’t be ignored, everyday leaks can actually be more problematic. You will usually notice a large broken pipe quickly (and you should deal with it quickly), but a small leak in a pipe that’s hidden behind a wall can drip for years until the damage finally becomes apparent. Sometimes when a wall is opened it reveals a field of mold, mildew and rot which also lead to airborne bacteria – the reasons your family has been sick so frequently.

Mold is actually a catch-all phrase for a variety of fungi. Certain fungi found in mold will merely make you sneeze, but other fungi can cause asthma, or even weaken your immune system leading to serious health issues. For those who already have compromised immune systems, exposure to mold can even lead to death.

If you or others in your home or building have any of the following symptoms, you may have a water leak which is causing mold to proliferate:

  • Frequent runny nose and sinus congestion
  • Itchy, watery eyes which feel better when out of the structure
  • Coughing and throat irritation
  • Frequent sneezing sessions
  • Breathing problems with wheezing

Water damage of any type must be dealt with quickly. If water had the ability to carve the Grand Canyon, imagine what it can do to a building. Don’t delay. If you suspect there is a water leak somewhere in your home or building, contact us to arrange for testing.


Flood Damage Restoration & Cleanup

home-and-commercial-restorationFlash floods are a way of life in Nampa. This is because our sun-baked ground is so hard that it can only absorb a limited amount of water when rain does come. Normally rainy locations like Seattle can handle several inches of rain over a day or two without major problems, but an inch of rain in Nampa often causes serious flooding. Massive floods with only 3.74 inches of rain – can fill nearly 100,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. That is a tremendous amount of water by anyone’s standards, and it can cause a massive amount of damage in a short period of time.

If you suffer from flood damage, it is critical that you don’t just wait for the water to fully recede. The severity of water damage to a structure is determined primarily by how long the water is allowed to sit. The longer you wait to take action, more and more water will seep into the wood framing and flooring of a structure. That will cause serious warping, mold infestation and could potentially damage the structural integrity of the building. Hours can make a difference, which is why Action 1 Restoration of Nampa offers 24-hour emergency flood damage service.


The local communities we service:

Sewage Cleanup Services

Sewage cleanup and restoration in Nampa is typically a much larger project than a normal water damage problem and there are extra precautions, equipment and procedures that need to be followed for sewer damage. A broken sewage pipe or backed-up sewer system is the stuff of nightmares; the damage and mess is horrendous, and the smell is even worse. If sewage gets into your home or building, it can cause a number of practical problems as well as severe health risks.

You should never try to clean up sewage on your own. Sewage is a toxic mixture of urine, fecal matter, viruses, bacteria and other materials which are extremely risky to your health. For Tornado Storm Damage IXexample, e. coli is commonly found in sewage water and should only be dealt with by trained professionals wearing appropriate safety clothing. This threat is not something to take lightly. Cleaning up sewage when you have a cut on your arm, for instance, is an invitation to a week-long hospital stay while doctors flood your system with antibiotics.

From a practical perspective, sewage cleanup requires an initial investigation into the cause of the problem, followed by full repairs. You certainly do not want to deal with a second sewage spill. Fortunately, a broken sewage pipe is easy for us to identify and fix. If the problem is less obvious, we will employ a variety of techniques and equipment to identify and fix the problem.

Next comes sewage cleanup, which can only be described as a nasty job. Depending on volume, we may use pumps and industrial wet vacuums to start the job, and the remaining bits of sewage will be removed by hand. The area must then be treated with disinfectants to eliminate the residual fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is a lengthy process which must be done by experts in protective gear to avoid infection or contamination.


Cost of Water Damage in Nampa, ID

When it comes to determining the cost of a water damage restoration job in Nampa, Idaho you’ll want to concentrate on the particulars. When you are checking on the damages, room by room, make a comprehensive list of all ruined items to submit to your homeowners insurance company. List every piece of water destroyed property and make certain you capture all the particulars of the item. The item specifics you should get:

  • cost of the item
  • when you purchased it
  • how it’s damaged
  • the serial number

Submit the itemized destroyed items with your estimate and if you have receipts attach them. Your insurance company will more than likely want these pieces of information to determine what the value of the damaged items are.
Idaho Average Water Damage Cost
To fully discover how experts price a job for water damage, you’ll want to learn about a few aspects that determine the estimation. The first area you must comprehend is that most water damage occurs from burst or frozen pipes. One consideration we look at is the height of the water level in your house and how much water which needs to be removed. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that water can lead to substantial damage not only to the roof and basement, but also to your ceilings, furniture, appliances, carpets, cabinets and walls. With a small fracture in a water pipe inside your residence, it can discharge over hundred gallons of water within just 24 hours. Imagine a water line exploding when you are not home, it can be hundreds of gallons within a few hours. Naturally, the more water the professional needs to extract from the involved area, the larger the cost.


Commercial & Residential Estimates

At Action 1 Restoration of Nampa, we specialize in the restoration of every type of water, flood and sewer damage to commercial and residential properties. When you have a water problem you can’t wait to call in professionals, so we offer 24 hour service, seven days a week. Reach us anytime at 877.246.8788 for immediate, expert assistance. In many cases water damage and water extraction is going to be an insurance claim through your homeowners insurance, but we do provide free estimates. With a free estimate, we have to be present on the property to see the full extent of the damage and the amount of water in order to provide you a full estimate.