Understanding The Process Of Repairing And Restoring Water Damage

If you find yourself dealing with damage from a flood or recent damaged pipes, you need to contact one of the Action 1 Restoration of Idaho office right away! You’ll find that our specialists know how to take care of any water damage, no matter how the emergency came about. Time is a factor. The sooner you get a hold of us, the better off you’ll be as our professionals can help contain and minimize additional damage.

Assessing the Water Damage

ceiling water damage repairs needed with remodeling contractor

Our local teams will immediately get to work the moment they arrive on site. We analyze all the water damage and immediately assess how to tackle the problems we see. Taking the proper amount of time to run a full analysis means no unpleasant surprises down the line. When it comes to accessing the water damage, we look at the rooms affected, how much water is standing, how high up the wall it is, how long it has been standing, what kind of water(flood, sewage, pipe break), types of flooring and your furniture.


Removing and Extracting Water

After the thorough examination, you will find our team uses high-quality commercial grade equipment that will help us effectively remove the standing water that’s remaining. Our team of professionals are trained in the latest equipment we use and the latest techniques for water removal. This commercial grade equipment can actually remove hundreds of gallons of water each hour. The reason this step is so important to act fast, is removing the water can help minimize additional damage to your home and your personal belongings. We use thermal imaging to help detect hidden pockets of water that are not seen by the normal eye to make sure we remove all the standing water.


Drying Out & De-humidification

Once the water removal is complete, the next step is to thoroughly dry out your office or residence. No one process will work by itself. That’s why our experienced and well-trained local team will take advantage of ozone generators, dehumidifiers, and large air movers to help move all the humid air and moisture out. As we are drying everything out, we will be using moisture meters to test the humidity in the air to make sure the humidity level is the same inside your home as it is outside.


Full Cleanup & Disinfection Services

Depending on what type of water damage problem you have had, you may find that many areas need special cleaning and sanitation options. If you have experienced a flood or sewage backup, these waters are also known as black water and contain many hazardous contaminants that are harmful for you and your family. Our team members will use the absolute best in cleaning training and cleaning tools to make sure all affected areas in the home are cleaned properly. Quickly removing water, drying out the area, and disinfecting the room behind our treatments will help to prevent mold and mildew – two major concerns after any type of water damage.


Repairing and Restoring

Finally the last step is taking care of all repairs, followed by all-out restoration work. The goal here is to bring your home back to its original condition, like the water damage never happened. Our Action 1 Restoration of Idaho specialists can be trusted because they are completely qualified to repair and rebuild any damaged part of your home. Whether big or small, our technicians are trained to handle any repair needs you may have.


These five steps are standard to taking care of any damage resulting from the fire and water damage that can occur. Remember that the faster you contact us to help, the more likely it is we can help you avoid additional damage. Trusting our professionals to handle the entire process makes insurance claims easier to process, as well. We try our very best to only partner with IICRC accredited restoration contractors in your local area . For emergency assistance don’t hesitate to call 877.246.8788 to reach one of our local Action 1 Restoration of Idaho professionals.